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We specialize in crafting branding strategies that unlock your business's full potential. Let us help you transform your existing business or idea into a brand that leaves a lasting impact.

What is Branding and Why Does it Matter?


Branding transcends logos, colors, and tone. It's a potent tool that imprints your business into the minds of consumers, forging powerful and enduring associations. While these visual and auditory elements play a role, true branding seeps deeper, ensuring your brand becomes a memorable presence in a crowded marketplace. But how can you leverage this to make your brand truly unforgettable?

88% of consumers choose a brand based on authenticity

It's not uncommon to worry about maintaining brand consistency, especially when entrusting your branding to an external team.

At BrandCode, we invest time in truly understanding your brand's essence. With our comprehensive brand immersion process, we ensure every design, message, and strategy is consistently in tune with your brand's core values.

Consistency is King

Authentic Brands Resonate & Deliver Results

We will brainstorm ideas with you for the perfect logo, design and all format documents, the brand kit includes a colour palette and font combination, including 3 revisions

Logo + Brand Kit


From $299

Includes the design and printing coordination of branded materials such as business cards, flyers, banners, uniforms, labels, etc. Includes 2 revisions

Brand Identity


From $299

Have and idea for the business but not for the name yet? Let us do the research for the perfect name that could be also available for a domain and social media

Naming & Tagline


From $199

We create your entire branding strategy so your customers will feel more identified with your brand or business, build fidelity and be memorable

Strategy & Development


From $399

We create the guidelines and manuals so your brand identity remains consistent in every channel, your online presence and physical places

Style Guide & Manuals


From $599

Customize your package for a perfect designed store that create visitors into customers. Floor layout, displays, shelf & rack design are part of this service

Visual Merchandising


From $899

Plans & Pricing

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